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From founders for founders. Ignacio Khalek, Thomas Harsch, Emil Beck (from left to right). Missing in picture: Torge Schwandt.

What is Startup Notes?

Startup Notes is the place for unique entrepreneurial insights from Europe. We are a podcast-first media house with the mission to inspire and teach the next generation of founders on building companies, leadership, and the right mindset by sharing the stories, knowledge, and best practices of successful European entrepreneurs and innovators. We cover everything that aspiring founders need to know to successfully launch, grow and sell their own companies. Startups Notes is focused on democratizing our guests’ knowledge in entertaining on-the-go formats on topics such as: the definition of great business ideas, the setup of a great founding team, building an outstanding MVP, startup marketing, fundraising, creating a great company culture, and much more. No funding news or empty motivational quotes.

Why did we start Startup Notes?

Entrepreneurship has become cool. Almost too cool. It has never been easier to make a living with nothing more than a laptop and an internet connection. However, flashy headlines and social media buzz don’t tell the entire truth behind building a successful business. The protagonists of the “game” can do though. During our business school studies, we were lucky enough to connect with many successful entrepreneurs. But all their great stories and knowledge stayed inside our classroom. With Startup Notes we want to give access to unique insights from Europe’s most accomplished founders and VCs to build bridges between the different local startup scenes. No more entrepreneurial borders in Europe. Free flow of knowledge for enabling aspiring entrepreneurs and first-time founders to build the digital future of the continent together.

How is Startup Notes different?

There are many popular entrepreneurship websites, but they are primarily for news. Startup Notes goes deeper – we equip the next generation of founders with the missing pieces of education on company building, leadership and mindset to solve the problems that they feel passionate about. No funding news or empty motivational quotes. We focus on applicable insights to unleash the entrepreneurial potential of Europe.