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We are the only online resource that focuses exclusively on students and aspiring first-time founders.

What is Startup Notes?

Startup Notes is the hub for unique entrepreneurial insights. On a regular basis, we publish a podcast or video interview with an accomplished founder or venture capitalist.
We talk about all things startup related – from identifying an opportunity to growing a company from 3 people to an international operation with hundreds of employees. To keep you entertained in the meantime, we post short snippets of entrepreneurial wisdom (Startup Notes) on Facebook and Instagram. But there’s more: We are happy to connect you with the entrepreneurs on our show – many of them are hiring. Just send us a short message with your CV to info@startupnotes.eu. To top it off, we are organizing Startup Notes events around the world to bring our community together – check this link for an impression of past events in Barcelona, Sydney and Sao Paulo.

Why did we start Startup Notes?

During our Entrepreneurship studies at ESADE Business School, we were lucky enough to connect with many successful entrepreneurs – from StudiVZ Founder Michael Brehm to YC alumnus and Facebook ad exchange creator Antonio Garcia Martinez. The feeling after meeting these guys and listening to their stories was addictive – we felt motivated and inspired. But why did all the great stories and experiences have to stay inside our classroom or private events? With Startup Notes we want to share unique insights from Europe’s most accomplished founders and investors. We want to build a bridge between our subscribers and successful European entrepreneurs. No entrepreneurial borders in Europe anymore. Free flow of knowledge and the ability to connect with each other. Ultimately, our objective is to help aspiring entrepreneurs to successfully found a company.

How is Startup Notes different?

We are the only online resource that focuses exclusively on students and aspiring first-time founders. There are many popular entrepreneurship sources – but they are primarily for news. Startup Notes is for inspiration and actionable advice to start your own company.