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Hans Stier on successful crowdfunding campaigns

Hans Stier: “We are disrupting the coffee value chain and empower small coffee farmers in developing countries.”

Hans Stier is the founder of one of Germany’s biggest crowdfunding successes, Bonaverde. With their revolutionary concept of the world’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine, Hans and his team raised over $2M from crowdfunding investors on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Seedmatch. After shipping the first 300 machines to beta-testers last month, Bonaverde managed to secure another $2M from such prominent investors like former StudiVZ CEO Michael Brehm.

Bonaverde’s business model

Surely investors were not only convinced by Bonaverde’s technical innovation, but also by its disruptive business model. Bonaverde cuts out the middle men in the coffee value chain. Its customers are able to purchase green beans directly from the farmer. This allows coffee farmers in developing countries to charge higher prices, while consumers enjoy cheaper, better quality coffee and Bonaverde retains a healthy margin.

Bonaverde coffee machine - Hans Stier

Hans Stier on Startup Notes

In this interview Hans Stier shares how Bonaverde wants to decommoditize coffee and empower coffee farmers all around the world. Here are some other topics we cover in this episode with the co-founder of a truly value-creating business:

  • How Hans went from corporate lawyer to coffee entrepreneur
  • Why his first failed business in the coffee industry KaffeeToro motivated him to try again with Bonaverde
  • Why Bonaverde includes a little RFID chip in every pack of coffee the company ships
  • The social impact of Bonaverde on small coffee farmers in developing countries
  • How Bonaverde manages logistics, while working with small coffee farms in rural areas all around the world
  • His tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign
  • The best advice he has ever received

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