12 must-have apps for startups

In order to streamline your day-to-day, we have compiled a list of the best must-have apps for startups that make complete sense. These are grouped in categories to oversimplify, so this guide makes total sense.

Note: All recommendations are free. We do not make any money from any of the links, nor do we have anything to do with any of the companies. These apps are here because we believe in them.

Also, another note that I would like to make about these must-have apps: It should depend on your team members and if they have experience with it.

Project Management

1. The Atlassian suite

The Atlassian suite is your go-to project management suite. There are plenty of other alternatives, but if you want to do any cross-functional teams, this is the best of the best. Everyone uses it and it has a collection of plugins that are developed by external third parties that can potentially solve all your workflow issues.

I would recommend starting with Jira, which is free for 10 users, but you can grow with it and not worry that it may not be able to grow with you

2. Asana

Now Asana is less tech-oriented, much less process controlled, and a bit more hipsterish. It’s like my beloved Trello but on steroids. It also has a free tier that if you are just starting up, will be enough!

3. Trello

Obviously the most flexible board management tool. It is simple, but it does not offer much control if you work with multiple people. It is more like an “everyone can do everything” type of thing. This is my favorite for all my personal projects and it just works.


4. Linkedin

No introduction is necessary, especially for looking at new applications and communicating with applicants. Currently, it has 1 free job post per company profile and it helps immensely. I would highly recommend utilizing it. I have found that the paid listings are not as good as the one free listing.

5. Indeed Jobs

Manage your other recruitment needs that are not covered by Linkedin. You can post anything that you want for free, but if you want more visibility, then it has a premium model. If you are good at selecting your titles, you will not need the premium model. Not only that, but unless you are in a market that its overfilled with big corporate, this is one of the best solutions out there.

6. Meet Frank

A somewhat innovative approach to recruitment. I find it amazing, at least from the candidate’s perspective and you can handle everything through the app. Maybe not as popular, but also interesting


7. Google Analytics

Whatever you do, wherever you are, google analytics covers all the cases of your tracking needs. It’s free, it works, and it’s extremely easy to integrate into any solution.


8. Office

Microsoft 365 is your all-in-one simple solution to handle all the necessary communication and management needs. This has everything that you can think of, for a monthly fee all in one fee.

9. Slack

Slack covers a lot, but it is mainly a chatting tool. Unfortunately, if you are using Microsoft, this does not make any more sense as Teams comes build in, but if you are using something else, then Slack is your go-to tool.

10. Google Workspace

All google stuff, similar to Microsoft, just google. It has differences, but it all depends on how you are used to it.


We have made a comprehensive guide for banking. that features some of the most interesting bank accounts in Europe.

Here are two fun apps though:

11. Qonto

It is a french bank, which is targeted only toward small companies. Their app covers all your needs if you are in Europe.  

12. Penta

Based on Solaris bank, a german banking alternative. This should also cover all your banking needs as well, but it has a bit more regulation.