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Top EU Based health startups

The European startup scene tends to be more quality rather than quantity, due to the different number of regulations. The industry of health startups also have the same fate.

Having said that, the ones that are actually running and disrupting the super old-school organizations are extremely agile and innovative.

Throughout this article, we will focus on keeping an updated list of health startup unicorns that are being developed throughout the European business landscape

Health startups making doctors available

Tackling one of the biggest problems in today’s Western European health landscape: getting a doctor’s appointment.  

Unfortunately, it does not help you get the appointment faster, but at least you are getting one.

There are a bunch of these types of startups, focused on either specific countries or just generalized. Paired with the doctor ranking/review sites, they get you to your doctor without needing to call.

They are all trying to cover the workflow end to end, as health startups of course – from finding a doctor to an appointment to even having a digital call with the doctor.


They are operational in France, Germany, and Italy.


They are operational in Sweeden, Germany France and UK.


Almost Europe-wide.


They offer end-to-end – online doctor experience, from appointments to issuing digital receipts and even sending you medicine via mail. Fairly interesting.

They operate in Germany.

Health startups that offer digital insurance


Health insurance, but fully digital. Started a while back and focuses on private health insurance, in Germany. Targeting a healthy ex-pat audience living in the country and the digital-first generation.

One of the first in the field, this is one of the unicorns in the scene of health startups that directly challenges the other giants in Germany, who are also keeping up.

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