How to recruit new people

Recruiting new people can be intimidating considering that in a startup, here is how to properly get it done.

How to recruit new people

Recruiting new people can be intimidating considering that in a startup, not a lot of people know about you or would be interested to work with you.

If you come from a big corporate world (or even an established business), every time there is a new job, you would normally get a lot of CVs from interested people. I am an ex-Deloitte myself, and whenever we would hire new associates, the amount oF CVs that we would get for any position would be immense.

How can we achieve the same thing when hiring for a startup? Well, we can't - unless what you are is a unicorn that everyone knows about and everyone wants to work for (but you wouldn't be here, you would be on the next part)

Then how do we approach this?

First, let's set the basis - you will need a Job Description

For every position that we hire we need to have a clear job description.

How to write a clear job description
Here are some recommendations of the main components that are extremely important to properly transmit your needs in a Job Description

Second, let's define where will we recruit.

There are two ways to approach this. Outsource this through external recruiters or do it yourself.

In house recruitment vs external agency - the pros and cons and what to choose
In-house recruitment vs external agency is the age-old question that I will help answer for your specific case.

Say that you go with my recommendation, your will need to determine the medium where you will recruit. This is completely up to you, but my general recommendation is fighting on two fronts:

  1. Linkedin Jobs - for the more experienced professionals
  2. Indeed - for the junior to the middle.

Obviously, there are other unique niche-specific recruitment platforms, but they will always fall into the two categories mentioned above - either service providers or job boards. Manage your expectations accordingly.

Third, let's have a recruitment workflow

There are two core components there

  1. Recruiting technical people
  2. Recruiting non-technical people

For both types of people, the workflow can be similar if you want it to be. I would recommend it to be so.

The perfect recruitment pipeline (with sample board and workflow)
Follow this guide to help you get started for a simple, down to earth and most importantly free recruitment pipeline!

Fourth and final, you need to commit and communicate

Recruitment for a startup, if it is done like a big corporation, that you let people wait for months till you provide them feedback is going to be impossible to succeed.

You will need to be different, human, and approachable to these interested people. As you may be aware, when one is looking for a job, applies to over a dozen companies. If the same person applies to VISA and your company, if VISA provides feedback faster than you, then something is wrong.

That's it folks.