Interested in giving financial freedom for the underbanked?

Company: Kreditech

Kreditech’s mission is to provide access to credit for people with little or no credit history: The underbanked. Mainstream financial institutions have neglected this group of customers for years due to their lack of solid credit rating. Excluded from mainstream access to credit – those customers are left either with no or only with poor credit options such as Pawn or Payday Lending. By the use of its proprietary credit decision technology, Kreditech is driven to bridge this gap and to provide access to credit at fair and sustainable conditions to the non-prime market segment.

Engineerig & Infrastrucure

Database Administrator (m/f) | Hamburg

Data Engineer – Underwriting (m/f) | Hamburg

DevOps Engineer – Infrastructure (m/f) | Warsaw

Frontend Developer (m/f) | Hamburg

Head of Site Reliability Engineering (m/f) | Hamburg

Internship – Software Developer (m/f) | Warsaw

Java and Go Junior Developer (m/f) | Warsaw

Java and Go Senior Developer (m/f) | Warsaw

ReactJS Frontend Developer (m/f) | Warsaw

Senior IT Architect (m/f) | Hamburg

Senior QA Engineer (m/f) | Hamburg

Site Reliability Engineer (m/f) | Hamburg

Software Engineer – Scala (m/f) | Hamburg

Team Lead Software Engineer (m/f) | Hamburg

Working Student – Data Entry of Bank Statements (Spanish-speaking) (m/f)

Product & Design

Sr Product Manager: Lending-As-A-Service Platforms (m/f) | Hamburg

Sr Product Manager: Loan Products & Processes (m/f) | Hamburg

VP Product Management Lending-As-A-Service (m/f) | Hamburg

VP Product Management Loan Products (m/f) | Hamburg


Business Operations

Commercial Business Analyst (m/f) | Hamburg

Country Manager for India (NBFC-Qualified) (m/f) | Mumbai

Head of Business Development (m/f) | Hamburg

Head of Operational Collection (m/f) | Mumbai

Operations Lead (m/f) | Mumbai

Senior Vice President Risk Management (m/f) | Hamburg


Finance Director India (NBFC-Qualified) (m/f) | Mumbai

Senior Commercial Controller (FP&A) (m/f) | Hamburg

Senior Credit Risk Controller (m/f) | Hamburg

Senior Financial Accountant (IFRS,LBA) (m/f) | Hamburg

 Business Intelligence

BI Data Engineer (m/f) | Hamburg

Data Science

Data Scientist (m/f) | Hamburg

Senior Collections Analyst (m/f) | Hamburg

Corporate Communications

Head of Communications (m/f) | Hamburg

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