Interested in supporting fair trade with the help of innovative technology?

Company: Bonaverde
Location: Berlin

Our mission is to create a transparent direct trade marketplace for coffee and coffee machines, that connects consumers with coffee and coffee machine producers.

Our mission is to change the way coffee is perceived, traded and enjoyed. Change comes in waves, ruthless and utterly disruptive. We’re riding waves of change in two different industries, coffee and technology, to create tangible social change. Operating within the space of the Internet of Things, we apply its innovative line of thought to coffee, disrupting the world’s second largest market. Through ground-breaking technology, we’re turning coffee from a commodity into a direct consumable. We connect the coffee farmer directly with the coffee drinker, removing the seventeen middlemen and six months of processing currently in between. The result is the world’s freshest, fairest cup of coffee.

Available Jobs

Graphic Designer

Software Engineer

Personal Assistant

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